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Build a comprehensive and definitive and evergreen guide to commander. This complements the raw stats of EDHREC and can contain all the information about EDH that is not covered in the stats.

Comprehensive -- when a topic is covered, the author doesn’t just cover it from their angle like they would in an article. They need to consider all points of view: high budget, low budget, competitive, not competitive, different ways to do things, etc. and do the research necessary to be sure it’s comprehensive. Most pages should have reviews from multiple people to make sure we consider every angle and outlines the pros and cons of each.

Definitive -- The content is of high quality and is correct and avoid subjective opinions as much as possible. The language in the article needs to be confident that what they are writing is true, the best way of doing things, etc. If there is something controversial, we need to clearly state that it is controversial and state the different points of view.

Evergreen -- The content needs to stand on its own forever. If you write an elves guide, it should apply to how elves will be played in 5 years. Be careful with language and avoid relative temporal terminology like “with last year’s release of Ixalan, dinosaurs came to prominence” and instead say something like “With the release of Ixalan in 2017, dinosaurs came to prominence”. Obviously we will need to update things, but this will give the documents more of an authoritative voice.

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