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Linking to Wiki Pages

[[Tribal Decks]] will make Tribal Decks.

[[Tribal Decks|tRiBaL dEcK bUt IT sTiLL LInKs TO Tribal Decks]] will make tRiBaL dEcK bUt IT sTiLL LInKs TO Tribal Decks.


This is a test Template that uses a table.

{{Test}} inserts the contents of page Template:Test

This is a Template that uses a table and takes a parameter, which is: amazing!

{{TestParam|amazing!}} inserts the contents of page Template:TestParam passing 'amazing!' as the parameter"

EDHREC Link Template

To make a link to a card page on EDHREC, use {{REClink|Cyclonic Rift}}, which gives Cyclonic Rift.

To make a link to a commander page, use {{RECcmd|Grimgrin, Corpse-Born}}, which gives Grimgrin, Corpse-Born.

{{RECcmd|Grimgrin Corpse Born zombie tribal}} Grimgrin Corpse Born zombie tribal

{{RECcmd|Grimgrin Corpse Born graveyard theme}} Grimgrin Corpse Born graveyard theme

EDHREC Theme and Tribe Templates

To make a link to the top-level Themes or Tribes pages, use {{Theme}} and {{Tribe}}, respectively.

To make a link to a specific theme or tribe page, use {{Theme|+1/+1 Counters}} and {{Tribe|Slivers}}, respectively, which gives +1/+1 Counters theme and Slivers tribe.

Note that {{Theme}} handles most possible aliases, but {{Tribe}} will only work with the correct page name, which should always been the pluralized form of the race in question. So for example, {{Tribe|Elves}} works, but {{Tribe|Elf} will generate a broken link.

EDHREC Article Tags

{{RECtag|vampire}} for #vampire.

Main Navigation Bar

{{MainNav}} makes this: